• Making Agile Work for You
  • Every team is different. Will Agile work for you?
  • Common Concerns
  • Before making the switch, be aware of these challenges.
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Don't let moving quickly drag down your team.

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“uTest works really well with the fast pace of Agile. We never lose a step, since we release when we leave for the weekend and results are waiting for us when we come back in on Monday.”

James McElhiney



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According to Gartner, 64 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2012. In 2013, that number is expected to pass 100 billion. By 2017, Gartner predicts year download numbers will reach 269 billion.

The Cost of Software Bugs

According to a report by the University of Cambridge, programmers spend nearly half their time correcting code and fixing bugs. The report estimates software bugs cost nearly $312 billion a year.